What is Teeth Whitening?

Professional teeth whitening has become extremely popular. Whitening will not change the colour of your teeth completely, but will lighten the shade, without removing any of the tooth surface. The results are temporary, but can last up to 3 years, depending on diet and smoking habits.

Teeth whitening treatments lighten the teeth with the use of Hydrogen Peroxide. Whitening can be applied to the outside of teeth to brighten their appearance, or to the inside of the root canal for teeth that have had diseased roots.

It may be necessary to have other dental treatments prior to whitening, as whitening treatments can only be applied to healthy teeth and gums. A visit to the dental hygienist is also recommended prior to whitening treatment, to give the teeth a thorough cleaning and remove any surface stains.

Tooth coloured fillings and replacement teeth such as crowns will not lighten with these treatments.

Teeth may be sensitive to hot and cold food and drink for a few days after the whitening treatment, but this is a temporary effect.

Over the counter whitening kits

Over the counter whitening kits are available, although dentists do not recommend using these as they use a generic sized tray, which could allow the bleaching agent to come into contact with your gums, causing irritation. They are also less effective as the bleach content is weaker.

How long will the effects last?

The whitening can last for up to 3 years, although this depends on your individual circumstances. If you are a smoker or drink lots of stainable liquids (such as tea and coffee), it is not likely to last as long.

What about whitening toothpastes?

Teeth whitening toothpastes contain mild abrasives to remove surface stains. Some whitening toothpastes may have additional polishing agents and special chemicals that are more effective against stains than regular toothpastes, but teeth whitening toothpastes are not designed to actually bleach your teeth. However, they can help to prolong the effects of teeth whitening treatment.

Will whitening work on artificial teeth?

No. Tooth coloured fillings, crowns, bridges and veneers will not lighten when your teeth are bleached.

What system do we use?

Here at Imogen Dental we use LUMIWHITE Teeth Whitening system which is a luxurious, professional, teeth whitening system developed by UK dentists and is presented in beautiful, state-of-the-art packaging.

Whiter teeth are guaranteed and 99% of suitable patients will get to B1 with the correct protocol.

There's no need to refrigerate your gels. Just keep them stored between 5C and 20C.

This ensures the whitening gel does not run off the whitening trays.

This serves to prevent tooth dehydration and fade-back to give optimum results.

Which helps prevent demineralisation of enamel and dentine.

Potassium nitrate is a proven desensitiser and sodium fluoride promotes remineralisation.


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